Kobalt Works

Monsoon @ Leuven 2010

STUK, Art Centre, Leuven, Belgium, 1823.12.2010



Performances by four Asian artists


Work-in-progress showing of the Monsoon 2010 encounters

A group of 12 Asian and European dancers, choreographers, academics and a policy advisor were brought together by Arco Renz  to explore the nature of dance and its practise within cultural contexts. 

They’ve met at Monsoon, a residency supported by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), from 18-23 December 2010 in Leuven, Belgium.

In this third edition of Monsoon, which took place at STUK Arts Centre in Leuven, eight dancers and choreographers met in four 1-on-1 blind dates. They were visited during the residency by four zap guests for discussion of unexpected horizons.

Before the start of the residency, the eight artists engaged in anonymous dialogues on blogs without revealing their cultural and personal identities.

At Monsoon in Leuven each pair met for the first time in person to collaborate on new ideas and expressions in the fields of contemporary dance, new media art and music. The artists showcased their encounters in a work-in-progress on the last night of the platform.


  • Artists Eko Supriyanto, Andre Erlen, Sybille Wilson, Vuth Chanmoly, Eisa Jocson, Ugo Dehaes, Toktek aka Tom Verbruggen, Choy Ka-Fai
  • Facilitator Arco Renz
  • Dramaturg Bart Vandeneynde
  • Partner-organization STUK, Art Center, Leuven
  • With the support of Asia Europe Foundation