Kobalt Works


1001 is a solo performance by Arco Renz created in collaboration with the Taiwanese experimental filmmaker Tony Wu, with composer Marc Appart and light designer Jan Maertens.

The title 1001 combines the digital building stones 0 and 1, icons of contemporary life, and it refers to the fantastic Tales of 1001 Nights. 1001 operates on the border between the virtual and the actual, between the imagined tale and experienced reality.



  • Artistic direction, choreography, dance Arco Renz
  • Film Tony Wu & Wen-Chi Su
  • Original music Marc Appart
  • Lighting design Jan Maertens
  • Dramaturgy Bart Van den Eynde
  • Costumes Simon-Pierre Toussaint & Lisa Huygens
  • Technique Dorus Daneels
  • Editing 16 mm film Wen-Chi Su
  • Production Kobalt Works 
  • Co-production STUK Arts Centre, Monty
  • Residency Taipei Arts Village (TW)
  • With the support of the Flemish Government