Kobalt Works


PA is a collaboration with Korean-German hip hop dancer Hyun-Jung Wang on the crossroads of street dance and contemporary dance. The syllable ‘pa’ means ‘father’ in many languages. Here, Arco Renz refers to ‘father’ not in the biological sense but metaphorically, to the ‘House of the Fathers’, to a way of existing and seeing oneself, learnt from and defined by others. The sound ‘pa’ can also be an exclamation to describe an impact or an explosion. In this solo, PA stands for both.

PA is commissioned by Bozar in the frame of the Festival “Korean Screens”.


  • Artistic Direction Arco Renz
  • Choreography Arco Renz in collaboration with Hyung Jung Wang
  • Dance Hyung Jung Wang
  • Music Marc Appart
  • Light Simon Siegmann
  • Co-Production: Bozar, Brussels
  • with the support of the flemish government