Kobalt Works


ALPHA is a collaboration of Arco Renz with award winning pole dancers Daniel Kok (Singapore) and Eisa Jocson (Philippines). Together with the kinetic force of the computer-controlled LED lighting from Takayuki Fujimoto (Japan) and the fluvial soundscape by Marc Appart (Belgium), director Arco Renz (Kobalt Works) turns the principles of ‘verticality’ and ‘circularity’ in pole dancing into a highly-embodied expression set in a ‘synaesthetic’ environment.

The visceral and sensorial minefield of pole dancing provokes questions on the politics of gender and desire and the complicity of seduction and manipulation.




  • Choreography Arco Renz 
  • Choreography and performance Daniel Kok
  • Choreography and performance Eisa Jocson
  • Lighting Design Fujimoto Takayuki aka Kinsei 
  • Sound Design Marc Appart 
  • Producer Kobalt Works & Tang Fu Kuen
  • Production Management Yap Seok Hui 
  • Technical Management Razali Semuni & Joy  
  • Kobalt Works Company Management Ine Vander Elst
  • with the support of the Flemish government