Kobalt Works


In solid.states, two accomplished dancers are on an unstable moving platform: Javanese choreographer and dancer Eko Supriyanto and Australian choreographer and dancer Melanie Lane, whose mother is Javanese, solid.states borrows elements of their shared Javanese ancestry to trace the interplay between global and traditional forces.

Through juxtaposition, both performers share their divergent experiences around the impact of Western contemporary culture into Javanese life. solid.states explores the potential of change ultimately and intimately de-stabilising.


  • Artistic direction Arco Renz
  • Choreography Arco Renz with Eko Supriyanto, Melanie Lane
  • Dance Eko Supriyanto, Melanie Lane
  • Set design Lawrence Malstaf
  • Original music Marc Appart
  • Lighting design Jan Maertens
  • Artistic collaborator Melanie Lane
  • Production Kobalt Works 
  • Co-production STUK Arts Centre
  • Residencies Taman Budaya Arts Centre (Surakarta, ID), STUK Arts Centre 
  • Distribution Caravan Production