Kobalt Works


From a variety of physical languages of seduction, the choreography by Arco Renz and the original music by Marc Appart create a distinctive universe in an interactive scenography by visual artist Lawrence Malstaf.

DUST and wind are ancient symbols for transience and change. The performance is an on-going process of transformation, in which appearances change and movements, sounds, intentions, atmospheres vanish before we can hold on to them. A dance performance about the paradox of seduction – its power, its charm, its illusion, its violence, its mechanisms of control.

The performance explores the solitary coexistence of individuals in a world where economically motivated seduction is a prime tool of control and power. Five individuals are captured in an imposing, digitally-steered environment.

DUST is an intense interplay of dance, music, scenography and lighting design.



  • Artistic direction, choreography Arco Renz
  • Scenography Lawrence Malstaf
  • Lighting design Jan Maertens
  • Original music Marc Appart
  • Creation, Performance Miryam Garcia Mariblanca, Nuria Guiu Sagarra, Melanie Lane, Igor Shyshko, Taneli Törmä
  • Artistic collaborator Melanie Lane
  • Production Kobalt Works
  • Co-production STUK (Leuven), Les Brigittines (Brussels)
  • Residencies STUK (Leuven), Les Brigittines